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Every Monday from 1pm - 2pm EasternTime
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If yuO See Something, Say Something with Yassy Goldie.  Connect and Feel the GoLDeN Energy that flows throughout our wave lengths.

Inform me dear listener of what yuO see and feel the Golden energy that flows throughout our appended wave lengths. Let us share with each other something which we discover together during the GoLDeN Hour, from 1 to 2pm eastern time every Monday. The loneliest hour just got better because of yuO.   I look forward to hearing each golden voice and speaking of something seen today.

The vigilance of all has kept GoLDeN Journeys, Passageways, and Networks Safe:
  • Be alert to unattended presents.
  • Be watchful of skeptical performances.
  • Take notice of people in ponderous or tasteless fashion.
  • Report exposed misconnection or other loopholes.
  • Report any surveillance cameras or unauthorized zones.
  • Learn the basics of Pure GoLDeN Exodus
  • Go back to my web site periodically to see if yuO can start to feel the GoLDeN energy.

And remember, if yuO See Something, Say Something w/ Yassy Goldie, call 617-454-4BFR (617-454-4237)
1 to 2pm eastern time every Monday
on BostonFREEradio

06-13-2011: First Show
06-20-2011: Drawing yuO
06-27-2011: 5D diet
07-25-2011: Call Me
08-01-2011: GoLDeN aLchemy
08-08-2011: Are yuO GLDN?
08-15-2011: GLDN Mountain
09-12-2011: Discipline
09-19-2011: Listening

09-26-2011: Confusion
10-03-2011: Gustave
10-17-2011: Non-Apology Apology
10-24-2011: Self
10-31-2011: Halloweenie Spectacular
11-07-2011: Tom gives Yassy the GoLDfinger
11-14-2011: Porn for the Blind
11-21-2011: T-Giving Special
11-28-2011: Occupy Cyber Monday
12-05-2011: Monsanto and Mammoths
12-12-2011: End of World in 2012
12-19-2011: Holyday Spectacular

01-09-2012: Preparing Bunkers/Light Bodies for End of World
01-23-2012: Year of the Dragon
01-30-2012: Ghost
02-06-2012: Solar Flares, Air, and a Trip to the Moon
02-13-2012: Sick H5N1
02-27-2012: Inter-Dimensional Travel
03-05-2012: Why no one Listens to my Show
03-12-2012: Earth is Groaning
03-19-2012: Auditions for NEW Callers
03-26-2012: Books on Tape(podcast for the apocalyptic)
04-02-2012: Moments of SiLence
04-09-2012: Resurerection
04-23-2012: Scam$
04-30-2012: Call from Mtv
05-07-2012: Back to R Gold Self
05-21-2012: Toxic Plastic World
06-04-2012: Moving and Hoarding
06-11-2012: The Year of the Curator
06-25-2012: Aura Readings
07-02-2012: Independent Karaoke
07-09-2012: Special K
07-30-2012: the Haunting
08-06-2012: The Enemy is Not The Other, The Enemy is yuO.
08-13-2012: How to Get Off the Grid
08-20-2012: Celebrate$$ World Portals
8-27-2012: $50,000 Shades of GoLD
09-17-2012: Transindental Meditiation
09-24-2012: Downward Spiral Upward Mobility
10-01-2012: Natural Vs UnNatural
10-15-2012: Celebrate$ GLDN 50deaTH Show
10-22-2012: Over the Hill
12-17-2012: Final Ascension 2012

* recording missing LINK: LOST

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